A bit about me

My Journey

Hello, I’m Ron Church, and am an artist based in Calgary, Alberta.  My focus, through Ron Church Fine Art and Design, is to paint original oil paintings using mostly palette knives.

For the past several years my passion is to paint western landscapes and horses.  This approach allows for a more Impressionist style of painting.

My background training includes a BFA in architectural illustration, as well as my lifelong journey of drawing and painting.  Along with this, I am fluent with basic CAD and create furniture designs for cabinetmakers to build from.  The combination of this skill set allows for an enjoyably creative career.

Extraordinary Experiences

What I love about landscape painting is being able to create the seasonal experiences that surround us, as if you are right there in the natural environment.  The use of palette knives allows the building of many layers of colour, blending into a richness of expression.  Although references are sometimes used, as the paintings build and I work the colour, they take on a world of their own. 


I’ll often set a painting aside and look at it, on and off, several times in different light until the next colour choice comes to mind.  This can take time, and paintings may be set aside until the right inspiration comes to me.  There’s no set guideline to finding the right combination of colours to apply.  From local areas around Alberta and B.C., to travels I’ve experienced beyond, as well as shared experiences I receive,  it all comes together when my palettes touch the canvasses.